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"Don't be afraid to give up what is good to achieve what is great."

– John D. Rockefeller


Trust. Added value. Professionalism. Dynamic. Time-efficient.  Targeted.

But what do these qualities say? Do they serve to qualify with you? Probably not. What are words on a screen? 

Shall we show what we're made of? - Somehow. But actually we only want to encourage you to try something new. To go other ways, to get to know people and to take away your fear of change.

We all know that changes in today's world are necessary in order not to fall behind or not to stop at all. You may have had bad experiences with marketing agencies, but we are different. Convince yourself @Reviews.

Give yourself a jolt, so that these properties will soon no longer just be on your screen, but will also be positive CHANGES in your company.

Maximilian Oehm
Managing Director/ Owner

Max Albrecht
Marketing specialist

Espen Göcke

Tade Köller


Video production.

"People have forgotten how to tell a story" - Steven Spielberg

Due to increasing video consumption, it is essential today to spread the interests of a company at this sales level as well.

According to Forbes, "An average user spends 88% more time on a website with videos than without." (Source:

The film as an essential sales tool will help you to market yourself more precisely as a company and to package your message elegantly.

Let us tell more stories together again.


What is the best way to report an event and get new people excited about it?


You want products without page-length
present reports? 



Contents more extensive
Mediate services?

Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing. 

"If you stop advertising to save money, you can also stop your watch to save time." - Henry Ford

Without target-group-specific advertising and the evaluation of the resulting data, the best content is useless.

In our "90days accelerator" program, we first define your exact target group and then develop a coherent social media strategy.

The main focus is on advertising design for Instagram and Facebook.

In this way we help you to increase the turnover of your company.



The construction of a well thought-out funnel helps to generate new leads.


With target group specific ads we will reach exactly the people who are relevant for your company.



Only the right optimization can turn simple ads into sophisticated sales strategies.


52. Rostock Business Club

Nach einschneiden Wochen während der Corona-Krise, war es am 25.06.2020 wieder möglich, sich im Rahmen des 52. RBC persönlich zu treffen und in die Zukunft zu blicken.


Want some music? But not without a suitable internet presence. In order to let the musical trio appear in the right light, it took sensitivity. With the new website, Oehmedia has managed to address the right target group. 

Leonardo DR pico

The internationally operating Oehm und Rehbein GmbH manufactures cross-industry X-ray solutions. Oehmedia was again responsible for the implementation of a new product video.



guitarist, Guitar Lessons Rostock

I offer guitar lessons in Rostock and asked Maximilian for feedback about my website.

The assessment I then received from him far exceeded my expectations and showed that he had dealt with it intensively.

Various aspects were examined in detail, which have an influence on how my site affects the visitors/interested parties.

Not only did he point out weaknesses, but he also made suggestions on how to do things better.

He did so in a very friendly and pleasant manner.


pianist, 2-of-as

Great collaboration with grandiose results!

For quite some time now we have wanted to redesign our website and have handed it over to Oehmedia.

We had a lot of questions and quite chaotic ideas about how the whole thing should look like. Oehmedia not only implemented our wishes and ideas with absolute professionalism, but actually advised us at all times with great expertise and empathy and provided competent, innovative and expert solutions. 

Whoa! Big compliment! We would like to recommend Oehmedia to everyone who wants to take advantage of professionalism and competence!


Managing Director Sales/ Marketing, OR Technology

Maximilian was able to quickly get to grips with our concerns and quickly submit suitable suggestions for the implementation of a product video. We were thrilled by the result. The feedback from our international customers was also overwhelming. We are looking forward to working with 'Oehmedia' again on the next project.


CEO, Sproose


Let's do great things.

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